2022 Visa Slovak Top Shop

Establishments in the Czech Republic have reopened to customers after a long closure. Visa therefore joined forces with the Czech Top Shop competition to celebrate the country's gradual transition to the pre-pandemic state with the new award.

Announcement of Visa Czech Top Shop results for 2021: from left Lenka Jakešová (2nd place VCTS 2021, Albert), Petr Polák (Visa Country manager ČR), Marcel Gajdoš (Visa General Manager Czech, Hungary and Slovakia), Veronika Bártová (1. place VCTS 2021, Super zoo), Jakub Karlíček (3rd place VCTS 2021, bikero).

Visa is often associated with payment cards by the general public, but the truth is that we are primarily a payment technology company. We are constantly improving our services and products and offering Czech traders a support system that they can turn to at any time. Whether they are starting their new business or improving existing facilities. We hope that through Visa Czech Top Shop we will introduce consumers to other interesting stores in the Czech Republic and help merchants improve the customer experience.


Marcel Gajdoš

Visa General Manager for Slovakia, the Czechia and Hungary 


The winners are selected each month on the basis of a point evaluation of the sales and service establishments by an independent commission of inspectors. Each month, it visits a nominated group of establishments and evaluates customer experience in eight categories:

Exterior of the establishment - neatness and interest

Business concept / design

Navigation / orientation in the establishment, or department or shelf

Exhibition / presentation of services

POP communication, including ongoing events

Cashless Friendly - support for modern payment methods

Digital Signage - use of digital media

Staff - appropriate number, willingness, activity and expertise

The absolute winner will also be published in 2022, chosen by an expert jury. It is chaired by Tomáš Prouza, President of the Trade and Tourism Association of the Czech Republic. The name of the Visa Czech Top Shop will be announced at the beginning of next year.

April 2022

Ski and Bike Center Radotín

"Our inspectors greatly appreciated the opportunity to use outdoor chargers for e-bikes, toolboxes for minor bicycle repairs, as well as the opportunity to blow air into the bikes. In the on-site café with restaurant and outdoor garden, customers can sit and refresh themselves either after shopping or at a regular stop on the cycling around the area. The whole SBCR concept is perfectly divided into individual sections in terms of navigation. We will find the store with a variety of goods, bicycle service and bike rental (except in the winter, when ski equipment is rented, etc.). In the children's section you can even see a functional ski lift with skiers and in the shop windows of the whole ski resort. You can even use a laser to measure the size of your foot so that you don't make a mistake when buying shoes. What we appreciate most about the center is their approach to the customer. It is an individual and professional care. Right at the entrance, they inform us about the possibility of picking up a pager, which will vibrate to alert a free seller who will take care of us. Very impressive!!!"

The link to the award ceremony video is HERE.

MARCH 2022


"Our inspectors reached really high marks when evaluating the customer experience from the ICU store in Bořanovice. Upon arrival at the ICU, we were greeted by a beautiful modern generously glazed building. After entering the sales area, we were completely absorbed in the modern concept in wood and metal. The shelving fronts are equipped with large-format LCD screens, the cooled section of fruits and vegetables is physically separated by a glass wall. The pastries and delicacies department is a showcase of freshness and variety. We were very lucky in handing over the awards, because the new oven, which is only for wood, was in operation on the first day, which pushes the quality of bakery products a few classes higher. ”



"This shop is for barbecue lovers what the Rudolfinum is for fans of classical music. Vysočanské GrillCentrum WEBER can already be seen from the busy Českomoravská street leading around the O2 arena, because above the entrance to the courtyard there is an impressive three-meter model of the WEBER grill. The interior of the shop acts as a "sanctuary" for barbecues, where grills of all types and sizes stand like small altars on 400 m2. On the right is also a large section of all kinds of dishes and tools for chefs, on the left is a wide range of Italian wines. And in the middle there is a freezer with steaks, shrimps and other ingredients. The icing on the cake is a very nice corner with an overview of the history of the American family business Weber. GrilCentrum WEBER Harfa is not only a grill shop and barbecue school, but also an instore marketing school! ”



“Drugstore store dm in OC Černý Most makes a very pleasant and professional impression. She greeted us with a completely open front part, in which a tasteful green totem with disinfection and instructions for responsible behavior were placed on the next "A". A nice element is the "children's island", where parents can confiscate their children. We were also pleased to present an ecological private label on wooden boxes in a farm style. We also appreciated the tapping counter designed for refilling containers. The modern hallmark measuring 1.5 x 3 m gives the store a modern hallmark. The cashier then played an excellent ending when she convinced our strict inspector to buy a loyalty card. We had a really great customer experience. ”



“This shop GLOBE we visited in Čakovice during the pre-Christmas rush. She recently underwent significant remodeling, which we were very curious about. Upon arrival at the parking lot, we did not notice any change, but the first nice exhibition was already in the large revolving door. Subsequently, before entering, we were greeted by a display showing the current fuel prices at the local gas station. And then it happened - there was a very pleasant shock from the best marked sections we've ever seen. The meter-long illuminated letters can be read over the entire huge sales area, which is perfectly clear thanks to the low shelves. The rich offer of Christmas decorations then encouraged shopping in a suitable way. The icing on the cake was plenty of fresh food staff, even in proper uniforms with hats and scarves. We have had a truly great world-class customer experience. ”

November 2021


“Quite an inconspicuous store Gian Carlo Opera Italia in Prague's 8 Široká Street nominated their acquirer (payment card terminal provider) - EVO Payments. This is a beautiful salon with classic men's suits and accessories from Italian family companies. The interior transports us to the period of "La Belle Époque" before the First World War, which we have associated with the genius Jára Cimrman. A very kind and professional couple of assistants draws a person into a passionate conversation about materials, cuts and the way an outfit of a perfect gentleman is created. Great service, beautiful products, retro environment in harmony with modern elements - such as a wall of houseplants or digital advertising on the LCD. "

The link to the award ceremony video is HERE.



"Shop Douglas in Palladium, she is a fully equal sister at the level of the Austrian or German sales units of this network. On a large scale, it works with digital navigation to global brands, so in many cases it acts as a "shop in shop". In addition to traditional fragrances and cosmetics, you can also try premium collections of products that were previously only available in "monobrand" stores in Pařížská Street. In addition, a 15 percent discount is available for Douglas loyalty program members as an advantage of buying in a stone shop, which further enhances the experience of a personal visit. ”



"Shop COOP in Žamberk is a great combination of off-trade and on-trade establishments. In a beautiful and modern environment, customers can very conveniently buy everything they need and then they can have an excellent snack in the local bistro. It is complemented by very nice clean new toilets, and even a children's corner in the form of a climbing jungle. COOP entered the first retail league in the Czech Republic with its store in Žamberk. "



“Unique shop eShoes in OC Nový Smíchov is fully digitized. What does it mean? This is a futuristic concept of a store where not a single shoe is physically exposed. This business unit works as a very pleasant dispensing point from the future, where they scan a person's foot in 3D and recommend a suitable shoe size. Alternatively, they bring the product the customer has chosen on the touch screen to the sofa. A wide range of sizes is available for each model, allowing for an adjacent large warehouse equipped with a robotic feeder. This achieved maximum use of the sales area, where there are 30 test comfortable positions on modern upholstered sofas equipped with touch screens. In addition, there is plenty of well-trained and helpful staff. As a result, the service process is fast and efficient, but the pleasant human element has not disappeared. ”

JULY 2021


“Planned visit of our inspectors first flagship store CYBEX right in the heart of Prague exceeded all expectations. The store space itself in Široká Street, which combines a unique genius loci and perfect design with functionality, safety of children's goods and a passion for top fashion. The vision of the For all tomorrow's people brand shows trends for modern parents throughout the area and will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The store communicates high standards in design, safety and functionality. The space is effectively divided between two floors. We appreciated a whole range of special services from a dedicated VIP section for pre-booked, exclusive individual meetings to our own repair shop enabling immediate customer care. Perfection is underlined by highly trained staff providing top service and all support. Luxury and modern style are complemented by the materials used and the ubiquitous LED screens on which branded goods are presented. ”

JUNE 2021


"The flagship of the SUPER ZOO store chain in Zličín fascinated us right after entering. We were welcomed by a modern bright interior with furniture shaped into round frames, reminiscent of the style of Apple's iconic products. All products and exhibited animals were well cared for, we were very interested in the circular aquarium with rotating jellyfish with a padded bench inviting to sit and observe like in a real ZOO. A engraving machine, for example, is also a clever accessory, on which owners of dogs and cats can have a stamp with their name and contact for themselves made for their pet. In the store, they do not forget about the animals in the shelters. At the shelter tree you can find everything you need to know about charity collections for animal shelters. ”

MAY 2021


“Beautiful shop Albert in Jesenice we consider it an example of the best practice of the current retail self-service. The interior design evokes a rustic market, right at the entrance we were greeted by a fresh bar with a very tempting offer of varied fresh (even though it was Sunday afternoon) fast food. Modern technologies - self-service goods scanners - suitably contrast with the wood decor, complemented by a black interior background. We also liked the hoppers for nuts, or the purchase of a weighed amount. The customer experience is greatly enhanced by the distinctive designation of individual departments. At the very end, the kind cashier offered us a very loyal card. It would be very difficult to find recommendations for what else to improve… "

APRIL 2021


“Winning shop bikero very skilfully took over the methods that have proven themselves in the instore marketing of FMCG goods - the use of the most valuable zone, which is at the level of the customer's eyes, the entrance zone of the store and also digital advertising media. Both in the form of a transparent LED panel in the shop window and an interactive display of the revolutionary All Wings saddle in the form of a exercise bike. The third trick that 'got' us is the bikero box - an ingeniously simple self-service system for taking over and possibly testing goods ordered through the e-shop. "

MARCH 2021


"Victorious DS Store Prague it acts more like a modern art gallery than a car dealership. Its black aluminum façade, the pattern of which bears the DS logo, already suggests an exclusive concept for this unique concept. Inside, we breathe leather, glass and aluminum, which very well communicate the premium position of the DS brand. The icing on the cake is DS Virtual Vision - a virtual reality simulator that will take us to the center of Paris like the cloak of the magician Rumburak. There, it will offer us an incredibly realistic presentation of the complete DS product line. ”



"GECO tobacco-printing it uses every bit of the sales area or wall of its business unit very efficiently. It also uses digital signage very nicely, in the form of several display panels. The commitment of two willing saleswomen strongly contributes to the speed of customer service. "



"It is a futuristic point of sale or branch, providing a unique, fully robotic system of safety deposit boxes. From the outside, the foil-covered automatic door looks a little incomprehensible. But inside we find a luxurious modern interior on the border of the Nostromo spacecraft and the operating room. The staff is friendly and professional, including tasteful corporate attire, and is present even around the clock, 24/7. A great example of POP marketing. "


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Do you have an interesting store in your area that you like to visit? Or did you just be interested in its design or approach to customers? Nominate it for the Visa Czech Top Shop 2021 competition by e-mail: czechtopshop@mistoprodeje.cz.

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